Welcome to Benzin, a bespoke motorcycle brand born in 2016 amidst the vibrant streets of central London. Founded by Tomas Sedlickas and a group of design enthusiasts, our journey began out of a shared passion for riding exceptional and distinctive motorcycles.

Our initial foray into the world of customization involved the transformation of early Honda CG 125cc bikes, enhancing them with an array of carefully chosen aftermarket parts. It wasn't long before we expanded our horizons to include Triumph Bonneville and Triumph Thruxton models, marking the onset of a new era in our customizations.

As we delved deeper into our craft, our focus evolved to embrace the unique shape of the solo racer. Achieving this distinctive form involved the addition of solo bobber seats and a meticulous selection of components. The resulting design resonated strongly with the custom motorcycle community and gained widespread acclaim on social media. This success propelled us into continuous production of the solo racer style, initially on Honda CG 125 models and later transitioning to the Honda CBF 125 in 2021.

Years of accumulated experience and knowledge empower us to meticulously craft high-quality, limited-quantity custom motorcycles. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by standout creations such as the Honda XR 125, showcased as a professional build at the London Bike Shed Show 2022. Additionally, 'Edgy,' a 1997 BMW F650 ST, made waves as a professional build in the Future and Innovation hall, celebrated for its futuristic design.

At Benzin, we invite you to explore the intersection of artistry and engineering, where each ride is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. Not only are our already built bikes available for purchase, but we also offer the opportunity to turn your ideas into reality. We can bring to life a completely unique machine, personally altered to reflect your vision and preferences. Your journey with Benzin is not just about riding exceptional motorcycles; it's about crafting a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to you.