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Welcome to Benzin's Exclusive Motorcycle Preorder System for our custom-built Honda CB 125 F solo racer shape bikes! Elevate your riding experience by tailoring your motorcycle to perfection with our range of optional features, including fuel tank color, frame color, seat color, speedometer type, handlebar style, grips design, mirror aesthetics, headlight variations, turn signal preferences, tire selections, exhaust wrap, air filter specifications, tail light options, and number plate holder styles.

How our Preorder System Works:

  1. Contacting Benzin Team: Initiate your journey by reaching out to the Benzin team. Discuss your ideas and explore the possibilities of transforming them into reality.

  2. Detailed Customization: Engage in comprehensive discussions with our team to finalize every detail of your dream bike. Once decisions on optional features are made, you're ready to proceed.

  3. 50% Initial Payment: Confirm your preorder by making a 50% payment of the final agreed-upon price. This marks the beginning of the Benzin team's responsibility for your custom motorcycle build.

  4. Custom Motorcycle Build Process: Our meticulous build process may take up to 3 months. It includes sourcing a high-quality donor bike, stripping and restoring every part to a like-new condition, changing wearable parts to new, modifying the frame to fit the solo rider's shape, and powder-coating for durability.

  5. Engine Servicing and Wiring Loom Modification: The engine undergoes thorough servicing and potential rebuilding, painted with petrol-resistant paint. The wiring loom is rewired according the new instruments and space to fit.

  6. Assembly, Servicing, and Testing: Once all parts are assembled, the bike undergoes servicing and a test ride to ensure optimal functionality.

  7. MOT Technical Check: Only fully functional bikes proceed to an MOT center for a technical check. After passing the test, the bike is ready for delivery.

  8. 50% Final Payment on Delivery: As the new owner, you commit to paying the remaining 50% of the final price upon delivery. The delivery cost is included in the final price for locations within the United Kingdom.

Benzin takes pride in delivering high-quality work, ensuring that your custom motorcycle exceeds expectations. Embark on the journey of creating your dream bike with us!

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